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Deborah McCarthy has been a registered dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics since 1994. In addition, she received a secondary certification in 2006 with the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist and in 2018 a third certification as a behavior change coach.  Her knowledge base has then been applied to assisting her clients in reprioritizing nutrition and lifestyle as a key component of improved health and mental energy.

Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1984. In 1992 she began a graduate program in clinical nutrition from Cal Poly Pomona and obtained her registration as a dietitian with honors from Gamma Sigma Delta honor society.

Currently, Ms. McCarthy has an office in Mission Viejo California where she counsels children, teens, adults and families. Her areas of expertise include sports nutrition, eating disorders, pediatric wellness and weight management, adult wellness and weight management, type II diabetes, digestive disorders, nutrition in recovery from addictions, and vegetarian nutrition.  In addition; Ms. McCarthy provides corporate on-site nutrition education and wellness workshops.

A typical session includes an individualized nutritional assessment and dietary analysis to determine if one is excessive or deficient in certain nutrients. Once this has been established, a menu plan and market list will be provided. Follow up appointments are often recommended to continue education, establish and revise new goals, and improve accountability.


Sports Nutrition: Athletes can obtain higher levels of speed and strength, reduce injury and illness, and improve recovery time. An athlete will see the benefits from healthier eating to improve training and meet fitness goals.

Eating Disorders: In collaboration with the outpatient treatment team, the dietitian will incrementally develop menus and address cognitive distortions related to food, weight, and activity related behavior.

Pediatric wellness and weight management: A non-diet approach is used to help children and parents understand age appropriate nutrition needs. Menu plans, shopping lists and behavioral rewards will be discussed and provided to clients.

Adult wellness and weight management: A non-diet approach including what to eat at restaurants, how to handle parties, what to eat when traveling as well as menu plans and shopping lists will be provided.

Type II diabetics: Diabetic diet guidelines will be discussed and then integrated into a customized food plan incorporating food preferences and dietary limitations.

Vegetarians: Customized menu plans will be provided to ensure nutrient needs are met and deficiencies do not develop.

Digestive disorders: Whether you suffer from IBS or other digestive disorders, a customized menu plan including those foods to omit or limit will be incorporated.

Nutrition in Recovery:  An integral part of recovery from addictions is the incorporation of a structured and balanced food plan to optimize mood, health and energy.

Corporate workshops/programs: One time or weekly nutrition education programs are available to both large and small corporations to improve employee health and reduce health care costs.




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Mission Viejo, CA. 92691
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